Your Congressional Representatives Need to Hear “YES!” for TPP

The number of constituents registering opposition to the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) vastly outnumbers the number of people expressing support, according to a delegation of U.S. Congressional staff visiting Singapore this week.  During a breakfast meeting  at AmCham on April 8, the House and Senate staffers said that supporters of TPP need to speak up now — and in great numbers.   The Congressional staff painted a clear picture of the environment on Capitol Hill right now, stating that all they are seeing is buttons like this:

To counter the negative messages that have bombarded their offices for the past three years, Senators and Representatives need to hear from TPP supporters in corporate headquarters and in their districts.  Messages of how the TPP will benefit a firm or a constituent personally will have important credibility.  To counter the sheer weight of opposing numbers, these messages need to come from large numbers of constituents back home.


Now is the time for U.S. businesses to mobilize their leadership, employees, suppliers, and contractors to write, email, and telephone their Washington representatives.  Let’s all help swing the numerical balance of constituent opinion in favor of approving this critical trade deal.


I’m really looking forward to the APCAC Washington Doorknock the week of June 22.  This will be our chance to take our message about TPP and tax reform to the Hill, the Administration, and leading think tanks all over town.  If the TPP is coming down the negotiating home stretch, this will be the perfect time to show why we care.  The Congressional Staff indicated that they had never seen a pro-TPP button, so I’m looking getting one of these made and wearing it during the Doorknock:

I love tpp button (final) big

If you want to join the Singapore Doorknock delegation, please click on the links below.


Washington Doorknock



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