New AmCham CARES Award Program Is Coming in January!

Get ready to apply! The AmCham CARES (Corporate and Societal Action: Recognition for Excellence in Singapore) award program is coming in January.


AmCham CARES will recognize AmCham member organizations that demonstrate an understanding of the linkages between business operations and society and that conduct business in ways that create both long-term economic and social value.


AmCham CARES is not a competition. It requires companies to achieve certain benchmark criteria with their corporate programs. The program is a great way to benchmark, share best practices, and look at ways to improve your current Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.


There are just a few entry requirements: your organization must be an AmCham member; you must have implemented a CSR/corporate citizenship program for at least one year; and you need to be willing to share information with other AmCham members. A self-administered questionnaire assesses your program against four criteria: strategy/integration with the company mission, sustainability, measurability of results, and communications. Your answers will automatically generate a score for your CSR/corporate citizenship program.


The AmCham member companies with score that meet or exceed the program’s four thresholds will be recognized at the Annual General Meeting on April 22, 2016. This will be a wonderful occasion to highlight your company’s contributions and thank your CSR teams and partners!


Be on the look-out in January for the email announcing that the 2016 AmCham CARES program is open for applications!



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