Message from AmCham’s Executive Director Ann Yom Steel

Message from AmCham’s Executive Director Ann Yom Steel


Happy New Year and thank you for the warm welcome you’ve given me as the Chamber’s Executive Director. Since joining in September, I’ve truly enjoyed meeting so many of you, learning about your company, and how AmCham can better serve your business needs and interests. I look forward to hearing more of your feedback and ideas throughout 2018.


Thanks to the talented team at AmCham, the AmCham Board Chair Dwight Hutchins (Accenture), the board of governors, and committee co-chairs who have been so generous with their time, I was able to hit the ground running. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the immaculate handover by my predecessor Ambassador Judith Fergin, and the strong support I received from the US Embassy, in particular Stephanie Syptak-Ramnath, Chargé d’Affaires, Maggie Hanson-Muse and Melissa Brown for their guidance which enabled me to dive right into the role.


I’d like take this opportunity to introduce AmCham’s Top 10 List. I’ll be providing the Top 10 List monthly to keep you abreast of the major happenings at the Chamber. So here we go:


  1. We’re aiming to deliver ~250 events in 2018


    In 2017, we delivered 184 events. This year, we’re slated to deliver ~250 events that are diverse and customized. We’re constantly on the lookout for great speakers and new ideas for events. I encourage you to contact Hasnorimah ( and Stella ( to share your ideas. Many of our events are supported by our generous sponsors and annual partners. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a sponsor and its benefits, please contact Kelli (


  3. Welcoming AmCham “Newbies” and recognizing milestone members


    In Q4, we launched our first-ever New Member Welcome Reception and recognized our milestone members at The Coca-Cola Company office. Thank you to Iain McLaughlin, President of the ASEAN Business Unit and AmCham Governor, for hosting us. The feedback was tremendous, and we’ll be delivering the New Member Welcome Reception every quarter. The next reception will be at the Google offices and proudly sponsored by GEMS World Academy. Thank you to Simon Kahn, Ann Lavin, and Adam Click for hosting the reception. If your company would like to host future receptions, please email Ashley (


  5. Our membership is going up!


    During Q4, we saw a resurgence in AmCham membership and closed the year having welcomed 125 new member companies to our growing sphere of influence. Thank you to the “AmCham Ambassadors” who continue to make introductions for us to prospective members. If you’d like us to provide complimentary tickets to someone you know as part of our member referral program, please email our member relations managers Anna ( or Jessie (


  7. Revitalizing the AmCham Brand


    It’s true we have very loyal members and strong brand equity. But we know that staying agile and constantly aligning our programs and services to the changing needs of our members are critical to staying relevant. So, we’ll also be launching a new website in early Q2 and implementing our digital strategy to better engage with you and attract new members. Thank you to Daniel Heerkens, Razy Shah, Dhawal Shah at 2Stallions for being so generous in advising us and tackling the website re-design and integration. If your company has amazing talent in the marketing and communications space, we can really use the help. Please contact Hazlyn ( to learn more about working with us.


  9. AmCham Women to be launched in Q1


    One of things I heard consistently during my listening “tour” when I started at AmCham was the desire and passion around developing the pipeline for women leaders. We’re fully aware that this is a crowded space in terms of events. So we’re looking to rollout initiatives that we can measure and that will move the needle towards increased diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We currently have a small group of amazing women leaders who are involved in the planning stage. If you’re keen to be a part of this group and have a real passion for making an impact, please email Hasnorimah ( to find out how you can get involved.


  11. Hot-desking at AmCham Office in the PayPal Innovation Lounge


    In response to the feedback we heard from our SME members in particular, we’ve officially opened our doors to AmCham members to hot-desk in our lounge. If you haven’t had a chance to visit, please do drop by and check out the space. The hot-desking working space is complimentary. If you’d like to rent our Stamford American auditorium or the Visa boardroom for your events, please email Luqman ( We also have naming rights available for one of the meeting rooms. To find out more about this opportunity, contact Kelli (


  13. Under 40 Young Professionals Forum will launch Q1


    As we studied our member personas and AmCham membership lifecycle, we noticed a gap in our wide range of platforms – namely for the under 40 professionals. We have the NextGen program for millennials, and co-chairs and board of governors are active in our leadership circle. But when you’ve “graduated” as a NextGenner, what’s next? If you (or a colleague in your company) are an under 40 with a minimum of 10 years of work experience and would like to step into a leadership role within the Chamber, please email Morgan ( By the way, the NextGen 2018 registration will close at the end of January and spaces are limited, so please register and contact Nathan ( for any questions.


  15. We’ll be much more “social” then ever – on social media that is


    As we implement our digital strategy, we’ll be much more active on our social media platforms to communicate with you, and will rely less on blast emails. So please do follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter @AmChamSG. If you play a leadership role within the Chamber, do include us in your LinkedIn profile as a board, committee co-chair, committee member, etc. All of our events are posted on our website, so be sure to visit our website regularly and keep a lookout for our weekly The Networker newsletter which goes out every Sunday.


  17. Industry specific monthly networking nights


    To promote strong ties among members new and old, we expanded our monthly networking nights to include industry specific gatherings. Doing so allowed members to engage with peers on industry specific insights, share best practices, and make long lasting business connections appropriate to their specific roles.


  19. Point of View Papers by AmCham Committees to enhance our advocacy efforts


As a member-driven organization, our government affairs team looks to each company and individual to assist us in identifying pertinent policy and business related issues affecting regional growth. Leveraging on the expertise of our committee co-chairs and members is how we’re able to propel AmCham at the forefront of leadership on issues shaping Asia-Pacific. The committee co-chairs have been working tirelessly in developing point of view papers for their respective committees. If you’d like to contribute to the Chamber’s committee papers and in helping to develop industry specific programs, please email Dustin ( or Stella (


If I can leave you with one takeaway from this message, it is the importance of our having an open and ongoing dialogue so that we can serve you better. So do attend our Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, January 18 and share your opinions. I also encourage you to contact me directly via LinkedIn or email ( with your ideas, suggestions or to fix any pain points. If I have not had a chance to meet with you to learn about your company’s needs, please email Celina ( to schedule a time for us to meet.


We’re off to an incredible 2018! Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement with your American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.


All the best,




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