The Business Case for Sustainability

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The strength of the business case for sustainability is undeniable and rising.  So why don’t more companies embrace sustainability as a core principle?

Could it be because lots of people aren’t familiar with the opportunities in their own sector, or incorrectly think of green washing when they hear the word “sustainability”?   As they examined the business case for sustainability, our August 25 AmCham panel highlighted the many dimensions of sustainability – yes, it is about sound environmental stewardship, but it is also about investing in employee development and welfare and grasping the big opportunities that are developing because of pressing global needs.

Every company operates across at least some measures of sustainability in order to survive in today’s hyper-competitive world.  Our panel also explored how to encourage boards and c-suites to look beyond the next quarter.  Ideas included introducing management and governance benchmarks to identify and take advantage of existing opportunities, strategically aligning business goals with investments in sustainability and climate change adaptation, and recognizing that in a changing world sustainability will increasingly be a key issue for business in terms of commercial potential and social expectations.

AmCham thanks the members of our inaugural sustainability panel — Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer, City Developments Ltd; Matt Harris, President and CEO, AIG Asia Pacific; Paul Kent, Director for Economics and Regulation, KPMG; Zach Wilson, Managing Director, Singapore, Alfa Tech VestAsia Pte Ltd; and William Clune, Sustainable Earth Office Policy Director, Nanyang Technological University.


We look forward to welcoming our members at future sustainability discussions.



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