AmCham and APCAC Welcome the TPP

AmCham Singapore Appeals for Swift Approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership


The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (AmCham) urges the United States Congress to support the creation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and take action to ensure its successful conclusion. The TPP is a landmark free-trade agreement that will promote American growth and jobs. It covers an unprecedented range of sectors important to our economy including commodities, services, and new technologies, and sets standards that will shape commerce in the 21st century.


With a population of almost 800 million and a combined GDP that represents over 40% of the world total, the 12 negotiating parties – which include Singapore as well as its ASEAN neighbors Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam – can expect to reap immense economic benefits from increased trade volumes and stronger economic ties within the TPP grouping. This will create jobs in member economies and provide more opportunities for companies of all sizes to grow and expand their reach in the region. Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) have been a particular focus in the negotiations.


In addition, the TPP will incorporate 21st century cross-cutting “horizontal” issues such as regulatory coherence and transparency that will improve the environment for trade and investment in the region. These are issues faced by companies across all countries and sectors; addressing them ensures that growth-stimulating regional integration will proceed more smoothly and efficiently.


AmCham welcomes the comprehensive access to markets that the TPP is expected to bring to companies in the region. One of the defining features of the TPP is its commitment to liberalizing trade across all sectors in a non-discriminatory manner. A successful TPP will revolutionize international trade in the Asia-Pacific region.


James Andrade, AmCham Singapore Chairman, stated, “The Asia-Pacific region will continue to see high growth rates for years to come. The TPP will enable American companies to take advantage of this environment through deeper trade and investment ties in the region. Increased regulatory coherence will be especially helpful for smaller firms that want to establish operations in multiple locations in the Asia-Pacific region.”


“AmCham Singapore applauds the ground-breaking work on the TPP of U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and his negotiating team. The TPP will enable AmCham members to grow their business in the region. In addition to providing immediate benefits for American firms, increased trade also stimulates economic growth locally. This will add a significant boost for our members’ business interests in TPP economies,” AmCham Singapore Executive Director Judith Fergin said.


APCAC Applauds TPP Negotiators on Historic Agreement
APCAC Urges Passage as Attention Shifts to Congress


The Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC) congratulates the U.S. Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiators led by United States Trade Representative Michael Froman, Wendy Cutler, Acting Deputy USTR and Barbara Weisel, Assistant USTR for Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Their skill, hard work, and sacrifice led to an unprecedented agreement that has the potential to secure American commercial engagement in Asia-Pacific for generations.


“TPP represents the very best of American leadership. Each of the parties now returns to their respective capitals to discuss the agreement’s details and seek legislative approval. APCAC welcomes this transparent process and we urge the U.S. Congress to approve this Agreement with bipartisan support so that American businesses and workers can begin utilizing the full potential of TPP,” said Jackson Cox, Chairman of APCAC.


“Trade liberalization moves forward across the region with or without the TPP. Being part of the TPP ensures the U.S. remains a leader in the region, and not relegated to the sidelines,” said Steven Okun, Vice Chairman of APCAC for TPP. “Consideration of the TPP will take place in the most transparent way possible, and we look forward to engaging in a constructive dialogue to show how the TPP will be a win-win,” he added.



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