AmCham Thanks You and Looks Forward to a Great 2016!

Dear AmCham Member,


With your enthusiastic participation and support, 2015 has been an amazing year for AmCham.

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  • APCAC: We hosted the annual business summit of the Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC). Almost 500 delegates from across the region participated in the largest-ever APCAC meeting.
  • SG50: Our special SG50 survey identified the issues of the future and examined avenues for collaboration with Singapore over the coming decades. Along with two dozen CEO interviews, the results appeared in our SG50 publication, Reflections: Perspectives from the American Business Community, that Singapore government and business representatives hailed as constructive, forward-looking, and unique among SG50 contributions.
  • NextGen 2015: Our new Next Generation of Business Leadership program brought member companies’ future leaders together with senior executives to help the rising cohort develop the talents and knowledge to advance. We are accepting applications for NextGen 2016 now!
  • Programs: Our 200-plus programs offered thought-provoking and business-relevant exchanges.
    • Our 13 committees were more active than ever as co-chairs developed an exceptionally strong roster of sessions analyzing important developments and emerging trends across industry sectors.
    • Our Balestier, Global, and Asia Leader series gave us remarkable windows into the perspectives of Minister for Finance Heng Swee Keat, Secretary of State John F. Kerry, and a host of others.
  • Office: We almost doubled our floor space and can now host programs for larger audiences and offer a wider variety of small-meeting facilities in a sparkling Pacific blue and white decor. The options for space rentals by members have also expanded.
  • Strategic Plan: We completed our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan (click here to peruse it); thank you to everyone who contributed to this important effort.


We have grand plans for 2016 as well:


  • CSR: In January, moving beyond just CSR, we will launch AmCham CARES, a program to recognize AmCham member organizations that demonstrate an understanding of the links between business operations and society and conduct business in ways that create both long-term economic and social value. Member organizations with programs that meet the program’s thresholds will be recognized at the Annual General Meeting on April 22, 2016.
  • TPP: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Task Force established in October 2015 will continue its drive to communicate to U.S. legislators and opinion-makers the TPP’s value to American business at large.
  • Innovation and Growth: Our initial innovation and growth series programs such as “Garage to High-rise” were hugely successful in 2015. In consonance with the Strategic Plan, we will continue to expand our focus on this area as a major programming theme.
  • Issue roundtables: Starting in December, we have scheduled a series of closed-door roundtables to discuss various manpower issues with a view to developing constructive avenues to meet current and future challenges. We will schedule additional roundtables to feed into the Future Economy Committee’s work as opportunities to contribute to the Government of Singapore’s deliberations arise.
  • Knowledge portal: Because members cannot always attend sessions of interest to them, we have established the members-only “knowledge portal” on our website (log in here). We are posting slide decks and other materials from speakers and hope to introduce video highlights of major events in 2016.


We would like to alert you to a few upcoming changes:


  • Membership satisfaction survey: In February, we will introduce a revamped annual membership satisfaction survey to ensure we have the benefit of your thoughts on what we can do to enhance the value of your membership.
  • Keeping your details up-to-date: The on-line system that allows members to update their personal information is now completely up and running. When you receive an email asking for updates, please take a minute to check your listing to ensure that your details, both on-line and in the printed Membership Directory, are accurate and complete.
  • Finances: The good news is that subscription fees will remain unchanged for the sixth year in a row. However, in recognition of the fact that costs have risen since the last dues increase in 2011, we will start charging a nominal fee for committee meetings to cover costs.


We are a member-led organization, and our members are the wellspring of our success. Members contribute in countless ways. To list a few: committee co-chairs and members identify the emerging trends and central topics that businesses need to understand to make decisions for tomorrow; member organizations offer their most senior leadership and subject matter experts as speakers to inform and inspire; our annual corporate partners, event partners, and advertisers enable us to offer world-class programming at affordable prices; and broad participation in Corporate Community Day projects the human face of the corporate and societal values we believe in. Your participation and contributions at every level have been invaluable to the expansion and strengthening of the AmCham community in Singapore.


Thank you for your engagement and support that made 2015 such a terrific year for AmCham. We look forward to collaborating with you and seeing you often in 2016!


With warm regards,


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