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On the afternoon of Thursday, August 4, AmCham’s summer interns had a profile-review session with Emergenetics consultant, Amos Lim. Amos explained the Emergenetics’ goal “to maximize human potential” and how the Emergenetics Profile articulates each individual’s Thinking and Behavioral Preferences. Thinking preferences include analytical, conceptual, structural, and social, while behavioral preferences include expressiveness, assertiveness, and flexibility.


The Emergenetics Profile helps individuals understand the way she/he prefers to behave, think, and interact with others. Understanding individual employees helps identify the group dynamic as a whole in an organization. Profile results from Emergenetics help to increase employee engagement, promote effective leadership, and understand high performing teams.


The intern group participated in several group activities to assess how each thinking preference or behavioral preference plays into their daily decisions and interactions with others. Through these group activities and profile-reviews at the end of the session, each intern understood their preferences as well as others and the group dynamics.


Here are testimonials from interns:

“I found the Emergenetics session to be highly informative and useful. Mr. Lim did an excellent job of guiding us through our profiles and results, and in the process helped me acquire new perspectives and views on various aspects of my own character and actions. I think Emergenetics has a unique and highly versatile system, which measures different characteristics in surprisingly straightforward and effective measures. I have definitely noticed how the results were instantly applicable to my day-to-day behavior, and have found it especially useful when rediscovering how my profile helps me work to my strengths and find the best group dynamic possible.”    – Harry Chiang


“The Emergenetics Profile review session was fascinating and unlike any other psychometric test I’ve taken in the past. Amos did a great job in ensuring that we understood the background of the Emergenetics Profile and recognized both advantages and challenges of our preferences. I walked in to the session having a preconceived idea of what the session was going to be like, and walked out pleasantly surprised by my experience. The profile review session also helped me understand my peers better and demonstrated ways in which I can improve communication with them. I’m glad AmCham Singapore and Emergenetics International – Asia Pacific facilitated this session for the interns.”    – Ashwini Srinivas


“The Emergenetics session provided a new perspective on the dynamics of teamwork and how team members can effectively tackle various aspects of a task.”   – Lewis Lau


Drs. Geil Browning and Wendell Williams developed the Emergenetics Profile in 1991. The Emergenetics Profile follows a psychometric questionnaire, which helps identify individuals’ thinking and behavioral preferences – information which can be used to help individuals and teams be more effective and productive. The Emergenetics model is developed through research and based on latest brain science theories. Emergenetics suggests that people do not focus on changing their profile, but rather discover ways to work with their preferred ways of processing information and develop strategies to work with different people.


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Each of the seven interns learned a lot and enjoyed the experience. If you or your company is interested, feel free to contact Emergenetics directly at +65 6225 6630 or email at To learn more about Emergenetics, visit their website at



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