Christopher (Chris) Milliken

Christopher Milliken


Amigos Y Vinos (PengWine)

Chris Milliken is a Singapore based food & wine personality; he is a former gourmet chef who is serious about how he blends his wines. Originally from a small town in Ohio, Chris experienced both sides of the United States, from the East to the West coast, and many states in between. Following his epicurean passion and longtime partnership to a jet-setting wife, he has also lived in Melbourne Australia, Santiago Chile, and has since settled in 2008 in vibrant Southeast Asia.


Chris has a Culinary Science degree, Bachelors in Business, Sommelier certification and believes that the best school ever attended has been the school of life. His ever-growing curiosity and interest in different cultures, cuisines, and industries keeps his exploration and education going strong. Traveling the world, exploring and learning about new and different cultures, has also resulted in his pursuit of multiple business strategies and practices.


In addition to running his business in Chile and since arriving in Singapore in 2008, Chris started a new company focused on the sales and marketing of his product, PengWine. This Company is focused on the importation, re-exportation and distribution of wine throughout Singapore and Southeast Asia.


In addition to his love of wine making in Chile, Chris also has a deep passion for the people and products of the countries in which he conducts business and to reinforce his commitment, his Company ‘gives back’ via charitable contributions and voluntary time.


Complementary to his commitment to building businesses, he enjoys time with his wife and two daughters, and their exploration of the diversity of cultures in Asia Pacific.