AmCham Singapore’s key publications that provide business insights include the ASEAN Business Outloook Survey, Crossroads: Doing Business in Singapore & Southeast Asia, Manpower Survey, the Dispute Resolutions Guide, and the most recent survey on the U.S.-China Trade War.



ASEAN Business Outlook Survey
Each year AmCham Singapore works together with other AmChams in the region to survey senior members from U.S. companies to gather insights about business conditions and sentiment in Asia Pacific. These findings are then presented in intimate discussions with the Singapore government and U.S. government. This is a key pillar of our advocacy work.
Crossroads: Doing Business in Singapore & Southeast Asia
Crossroads: Doing Business in Singapore & Southeast Asia (Crossroads) is an annual guide that provides important information for companies that intend to invest in Southeast Asia and have yet to find service providers.
Manpower Survey 2018
The Manpower Survey is an annual survey sent to AmCham’s membership to gauge perceptions of challenges and opportunities facing companies when it comes to issues around manpower and foreign talent.
Dispute Resolution Guide 2018
Singapore is a leading hub for the resolution of international commercial disputes arising in Southeast Asia and throughout the world. This guide provides an overview of the mechanisms for businesses to resolve disputes in Singapore through litigation, arbitration, and mediation.
The US-China Trade War: Survey of AmCham Singapore Members
As part of a protectionist trade policy aimed at reviving the US domestic industry, the announcements of tariffs by the Trump Administration have led to trade-related tensions in what has come to be known as the ‘US-China Trade War’. Aiming to understand the sentiments of businesses towards this Trade War, AmCham conducted an online survey of its members.
The American Business Presence in Singapore: Facts and Figures

The economic relationship between the U.S. and Singapore is multifaceted and mutually beneficial. Approximately 4,200 American companies operate in Singapore, many of which use the country as a regional hub. This annually-published fact sheet provides facts and figures related to the American business presence in Singapore.