History of Corporate Community Day

What is corporate community day

Once a year, AmCham organizes its Corporate Community Day (CCD), an initiative designed to raise awareness about the importance of volunteerism. Through this initiative, AmCham encourages its members to volunteer for a variety of causes around Singapore on the same day to create a big one-day impact. This event encourages American organizations and their employees to build stronger ties with the Singapore community and to continue to volunteer with their company’s chosen charity throughout the year. CCD has become the largest one-day volunteer event in Singapore and impacts thousands of beneficiaries from all walks of life.


In the Beginning


The inaugural CCD was held in 2003 with 6 companies participating. The event then reached 30 companies in 2011 before taking a giant leap in 2012.


10th Anniversary of Corporate Community Day


2012 was our 10th annual CCD and, thanks to the efforts of Ambassador Adelman commemorating this special occasion, the number of participating companies doubled to 61. 1,700 volunteers and 3,000 beneficiaries turned up for 35 distinct events, creating a wave of impact across Singapore.


Thank You


The transformation of CCD into the major event it is today would not have been possible without the tremendous support of our friends at the U.S. Embassy and our member companies that have joined the initiative over the years. One of the ex-governors of AmCham, Nancy Frohman, was actively involved in CCD for the last decade and was truly instrumental in the transformation of the event. AmCham is sincerely grateful to all organizations and individuals who help further the cause and impact of CCD!


To Get Involved


While most companies take advantage of CCD to highlight their own ongoing programs of engagement with our community, other companies would like to use CCD as a platform to get started on community engagement.  If you need help to partner with a beneficiary organization, please contact us.  If you are not able to field enough volunteers to organize and/or sponsor your own event, let us know and we will make every effort to bring like-minded people together so that all of you can plan and undertake an activity.


For inquires, please contact Hazlyn Aidzil at haidzil@amcham.org.sg.