Next Generation of Business Leadership Program Testimonials

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Participants in AmCham’s Next Generation of Business Leadership Program designed for 25-to-35 year old rising leaders expressed their enthusiasm for what they had learned and the people they met. To participate in AmCham’s Next Generation of Business Leadership Program, please contact Has Basari at


Testimonials from Next Gen 2017 participants


“The AmCham NextGen Business Leadership program is an excellent platform for aspiring leaders to meet, connect and learn to be leaders of the future. Aside from the inspiring speakers and learning sessions, the opportunity to interact with participants and guests from diverse industries and background value-adds to our leadership development growth. Thank you Amcham Singapore for the great efforts to help in the career development of future leaders.”


– Edwin Yee, General Manager, Airport Operations, Singapore, United Airlines


“I really enjoyed the depth and breadth of views available in the Next Gen 2017 program. I learnt so many skills and life lessons in these sessions that will surely stay with me for life! I particularly enjoyed the closed-door sessions with senior executives from leading companies, coupled with the networking opportunities with fellow professionals across a diverse range of industries. I cannot highly recommend this program enough.”


– Thompson Wong, Consultant, FTI Consulting (Singapore)


“AmCham NextGen’17 was a really great experience for me, and far beyond my expectations.
The diversity of participants representing a wide range of industries, cultures and disciplines – This led to a lot of sharing of knowledge and perspectives, which I found really enriching. It has a well-balanced core content; from networking to reflective conversations and structured coaching sessions. It was a very exciting learning experience with AmCham”


– Calvinn Tan, Marketing Manager, South East Asia, Armstrong World Industries


“A year of establishing new friendships, learning diverse topics ranging from self-awareness to purpose to strategy. Thank you #AmChamSG for putting together a solid curriculum for NextGen program and following us on this journey of self-discovery. To practitioners of “people development”, 2018 enrollment is now open! Do consider to send your NextGen change makers to the program!”


– Shufang Yeo, Project Manager (Asia), Mercer (Singapore)


“This Program is comprehensive and covers a broad range of topics requiring for the making of a real-world business leader. The network of alumni and existing cohort members from diverse industry and functions brings immense value and different perspectives. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that is interested to aspire to be among the C-suites in the future.”


– Martin Guo, Regional Marketing Operations, MSD Pharma (Singapore) Pte Ltd


“The Next Generation Business Program was a really useful platform for me to hear from Captains of Industries and their career journey. I got out of the program realizing the consistent theme that many had to step out of their comfort zones in order to push themselves to the next level. This “can-do” mindset helped exposed them to different environments and people and accelerated their development to be leaders. The networking events were also well organized and enjoyable.”


– Wee Pheng Soh, Director, Institutional Banking, ANZ Bank



Testimonials from past years Next Gen participants


“The Next Gen Business Leadership program is one of the best programs AmCham Singapore has developed to grow and transform leaders. The combination of diverse participants as well as renown speakers from different industries made for a great learning environment.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to experience this program and I now better appreciate the need to remain current and position myself for change, while maintaining balanced physical, professional and personal activities.”


“I would like to thank you for putting together such a fantastic program for all of us. It is really such a privilege to be able to meet some really amazing people there. I have learned some useful skills from the speakers and have applied a couple of them into my work with wonderful results. Thank you and please keep this program going for future business leaders!”


“The AmCham Next Generation Leadership program provides access to senior executives at top MNCs while building a network of intelligent, motivated young professionals across every imaginable industry. There’s no faster way for a rising leader to build a high-value network in Singapore and across Asia Pacific that transcends industries.”


“The chief value I am deriving from the program is the opportunity to network with and learn from fellow participants as well as the speakers in the sessions.”


“There is a saying that experience is an expensive teacher. This program, however, generously provided us with the most valuable experience of senior executives from renowned companies. This rare opportunity for me to pick the top brains of different disciplines and industries is aiding me tremendously in building a successful career and expanding my professional networks.”


“Speakers came with discussion topics that I found very interesting. It was those sessions that I found the most value from, not only the presentation portion but more so from the question and answer discussion. I also found so many speakers with very rich backgrounds and past experiences that we as a group can learn from by not only attending the sessions but also taking part in the discussions. It’s not often you get that kind of caliber of people responding to your questions or concerns.”


“Next Gen 2015 helped me to create self-awareness of what are the leadership behaviors that the company and my peers appreciate and I should keep doing and what are the ones that I need to keep practicing to be a better leader in the future.”


“This program is a great opportunity for young leader to easily engage and reach out to mentors who have the experience of being at the top of their game.”


“The Next Generation program has helped to establish a meaningful network of other young leaders across a variety of industries within Singapore.”


“Next Generation 2015 offered me great networking, inspiring leaders, how we can be the future innovative leaders and solution driven rather than just follow the status quo – Critical Thinking, Developing Leadership Skills, Working in a Global Environment, and a lot more.”


“This program has given me exposure and insights into the different industries and management roles that would have otherwise taken me 10-20 years to have any sort of view of. It is truly a program that no only allows me to have a clearer view of what ‘I could be’ in future, but rather more importantly, ‘how can I get there.'”


“Once again, thank you and AMCHAM for conducting such a phenomenal program. I believe that Next Generation 2016 will surely benefit as much, if not more, as I have.”