Stuck on auto pilot? The importance of living by design, not default

Do you ever find yourself just going through the motions, as though on autopilot?

A recent study of 3,000 people found 96% were living on autopilot making, on average, 15 ‘mindless’ decisions every day. Some of these decisions are relatively inconsequential and spare our brain capacity on mundane tasks for bigger decisions. Yet many autopilot decisions exact a steeper toll on professional and personal success, keeping people from taking the very actions that would improve performance, expand influence and enhance sense of fulfillment and wellbeing.


Given our cognitive bias toward familiarity and the ‘path of least resistance,’ it’s vital to.


The heightened levels of uncertainty, anxiety and overwhelm have only amplified the tendency toward living in ‘default’ mode and avoiding the psychological discomfort and uncertainty that comes from making different decisions and taking new actions. It’s why it’s increasingly vital to take regular ‘time out’ to assess whether our decisions are moving us toward (or away from) what we most want and to make better decisions, which are not driven by fear, inertia or bolstering a short term sense of security or status. Doing so also requires cultivating greater mindfulness throughout each day in order to elevate the quality of decisions, challenges the logic of assumptions (or ‘mental maps’) and check in with where fear of what may ‘go wrong’ may be sabotaging our efforts to make things ‘more right.’


Bestselling author, international speaker and executive leadership coach Margie Warrell has focused her work on helping people to do just that. Recently relocated to Singapore as the CEO of Global Courage, Margie will be launching her first Live Brave Day public program here Asia on March 3rd. This full day program is focused on supporting purpose driven professionals who are committed to fulfilling their highest potential. Margie has worked with global leaders and change makers around the globe from Richard Branson to hotelier Bill Marriott and her diverse client list includes NASA, MetLife, United Health and Microsoft.


If you’re at a crossroads or would just value a day out to identify your blind spots and ‘reset your compass’, you’re invited to attend the Live Brave Day program on Saturday March 3rd. You’ll leave with a practical game plan for 2018 and supportive community of like-minded individuals to help you step into purposeful action toward your biggest goals. Enter AmCham at check out for 20% off.  Details at



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