Do you ever find yourself just going through the motions, as though on autopilot?

A recent study of 3,000 people found 96% were living on autopilot making, on average, 15 ‘mindless’ decisions every day. Some of these decisions are relatively inconsequential and spare our brain capacity on mundane tasks for bigger decisions. Yet many autopilot decisions exact a steeper toll on professional and personal success, keeping people from taking the very actions that would improve performance, expand influence and enhance sense of fulfillment and wellbeing.


Given our cognitive bias toward familiarity and the ‘path of least resistance,’ it’s vital to.


The heightened levels of uncertainty, anxiety and overwhelm have only amplified the tendency toward living in ‘default’ mode and avoiding the psychological discomfort and uncertainty that comes from making different decisions and taking new actions. It’s why it’s increasingly vital to take regular ‘time out’ to assess whether our decisions are moving us toward (or away from) what we most want and to make better decisions, which are not driven by fear, inertia or bolstering a short term sense of security or status. Doing so also requires cultivating greater mindfulness throughout each day in order to elevate the quality of decisions, challenges the logic of assumptions (or ‘mental maps’) and check in with where fear of what may ‘go wrong’ may be sabotaging our efforts to make things ‘more right.’


Bestselling author, international speaker and executive leadership coach Margie Warrell has focused her work on helping people to do just that. Recently relocated to Singapore as the CEO of Global Courage, Margie will be launching her first Live Brave Day public program here Asia on March 3rd. This full day program is focused on supporting purpose driven professionals who are committed to fulfilling their highest potential. Margie has worked with global leaders and change makers around the globe from Richard Branson to hotelier Bill Marriott and her diverse client list includes NASA, MetLife, United Health and Microsoft.


If you’re at a crossroads or would just value a day out to identify your blind spots and ‘reset your compass’, you’re invited to attend the Live Brave Day program on Saturday March 3rd. You’ll leave with a practical game plan for 2018 and supportive community of like-minded individuals to help you step into purposeful action toward your biggest goals. Enter AmCham at check out for 20% off.  Details at

Over 200 students and coaches from nine different international schools in Asia took part in the South East Asia Student Activities Conference (SEASAC) Soccer Tournament at Stamford American International School in Singapore. Held from November 3 to 5 2017, at Stamford American’s Woodleigh campus, the three-day tournament saw both boys and girls compete in this prestigious annual event.


Established in 1995, SEASAC is an association of international schools in and around South East Asia. It exists to support International schools in South East Asia in achieving their educational goals. Through a range of sporting and artistic activities, SEASAC aims to promote closer links among teachers, administrators and students of its member schools; encourage opportunities for good quality competition and the pursuit of excellence; develop and extend social and cultural interaction; and to promote an appreciation of the rights, dignity and worth of every person.


It hosts 24 regional member competitions annually, in events such as cross country, volleyball, basketball, arts, Model United Nations, gymnastics and swimming. Being a SEASAC member school is an honor and provides real opportunities for students to be part of healthy inter-school competitions. 


For full press release click here.




SINGAPORE, October 29, 2017 – United Airlines (UAL) today inaugurated its nonstop Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner service from Singapore (SIN) to its hub at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). United is the only airline operating a direct flight between Singapore and Los Angeles.  To celebrate, passengers of the inaugural flight were greeted by iconic Hollywood celebrity impersonators and invited to participate in a cake-cutting ceremony. The celebration was attended by guests including Mr. Lee Seow Hiang, the CEO of Changi Airport Group, and Ms. Stephanie Syptak-Ramnath, the Chargé d’affaires, a.i., at the U.S. Embassy in Singapore. Marcel Fuchs, United’s Vice President of Atlantic and Pacific Sales, said: “United is proud to launch the long-awaited Singapore-Los Angeles route for our customers in Singapore. The addition of this new exclusive service to our existing Singapore-San Francisco nonstop service gives more options for our customers to conveniently connect to our extensive U.S. network over both gateways.”



Flight UA 38 will depart Singapore’s Changi Airport at 11:00 a.m. daily, arriving at Los Angeles International Airport at 11:15 a.m. the same day. The return flight, UA 37, will depart Los Angeles at 9:25 p.m. daily, arriving in Singapore at 6:20 a.m. two days later (all times local). Flying time will be approximately 15 hours, 15 minutes eastbound, and 17 hours, 55 minutes westbound. Customers flying United’s service between Singapore and Los Angeles will be able to save up to nearly two hours journey time each way, compared with the current United schedule via San Francisco.


See full press release here.


LogRhythm, The Security Intelligence Company, introduced CloudAI, a technology designed to help LogRhythm customers across the globe avoid damaging cyber incidents such as high-profile data breaches. CloudAI is an advanced cloud-based security analytics offering that is available as a fully integrated, add-on subscription service for the LogRhythm Threat Lifecycle Management Platform. CloudAI uses artificial intelligence to detect advanced threats that employ unknown attacks and unknown methods and provide security teams immediate visibility into emerging and active user-based threats.



Learn how to detect and respond to cyber threats using the Threat Lifecycle Management Framework.  Click here for more information.


Stamford American International School is thrilled to host the Singapore All-Star Latin Band on a musical odyssey as they take us through a faithful recreation of Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine’s greatest hits! 



Sat, 18 November 2017, 7pm at Stamford American International School

Tickets are $50 each. Seating will be on a first come first served basis.

You can go to  to book your tickets. 


In Art Exhibition 2017

Ten very talented student artists of Stamford American International School will be showcasing their work at the popular annual InExhibition 2017.


Together with students from 14 different schools in Singapore and southern Malaysia, this exhibition celebrates the collaboration of great works by young artists and will be held from 15 November 2017 to 15 January 2018 at the Australian High Commission Singapore. 


For more details, please see the full press release click here 








When a small Internet company came on the scene nearly 20 years ago and said it wanted to disrupt the payments industry, few paid it any attention.


That tiny outfit has since grown into a giant. PayPal is now one of the largest payment companies in the world, dominating the online payment space, with offices across the world including in Singapore.


But the original disruptor is not immune to disruption. In fact, the company is facing a “boiling ocean of disruption,” said PayPal’s Vice President Ben Edwards.


The company is facing co-opetition and competition from both the big guns, such as fellow technology companies Apple, Samsung and Alibaba, as well as the smaller start-ups which are experimenting with new modes of payment like blockchain. To meet these challenges, PayPal has been intensifying its innovation efforts, especially in this part of Asia.


Part of its strategy has been to acquire new capabilities and knowledge through mergers and acquisitions. More importantly, the company is focused on building innovation from within.


In 2016, the company launched the Innovation Lab in Singapore, its first outside the United States and a key part of the company pushing the boundaries of innovation.


To read more about the Innovation Lab in Singapore and full article click here.

Consumers can now get to know the exact family farmer who raised their Honeysuckle White® brand holiday turkey, through a first-to-market blockchain solution.


WICHITA, Kan. – [DATE], 2017 – For the first time beginning this Thanksgiving, consumers will be able to trace Honeysuckle White® brand turkeys from a family farm to their table. Consumers in select markets can simply text or enter an on-package code at to access the farm’s location by state and county, view the family farm story, see photos from the farm and read a message from the farmer. The Honeysuckle White® brand family farm-raised fresh, whole, turkeys are available through an innovative pilot project.


“The Honeysuckle White® brand is committed to food transparency and we’re the only major turkey brand to exclusively provide family farm-raised turkey,” said Deborah Socha, Honeysuckle White® brand manager. “We know consumers are looking beyond farm-to-table marketing promises to better understand where their food comes from and how it is produced. That’s why the Honeysuckle White® brand is the first and only major turkey brand to pilot a blockchain-based solution for traceable turkey.”


Consumers drive demand for farm-to-table transparency

For years, the Honeysuckle White® brand has worked closely with consumers to understand the significance transparency plays in their food choices, and demand continues to grow.


  • In 2014, the brand found 44 percent of turkey consumers think it is important for companies to be transparent in their practices.
  • Studies in 2016 revealed 73 percent of consumers feel positively about companies that are transparent about where and how their products are made, grown or raised;1 and more than half of consumers consider farmers one of the most trusted sources on food-related issues.2
  • This year, the Honeysuckle White® brand held consumer focus groups that confirmed consumers feel good about buying turkey raised by family farmers.


These insights led to the development and pilot of the first-to-market blockchain-based solution for turkey. Honeysuckle White® is the only leading turkey brand to exclusively work with family farmers to provide consumers family farm-raised turkey and is the first and only major turkey brand to pilot an effort to show consumers where their turkey was raised and the family who raised it.


“I’m honored that the Honeysuckle White® brand asked me to be one of the first farmers to make it possible for families to trace their turkey back to my family’s farm,” said family farmer Darrell Glaser of Milam County, Texas. “Everyone deserves to know more about the food they’re eating, and I like feeling more connected to the people I’m raising these turkeys for. It’s important for me that consumers understand the care my family puts in every day to provide quality turkeys for families across the country.”


Blockchain enables greater transparency

The pilot for traceable Honeysuckle White® brand turkeys uses a first-to-market blockchain-based solution enabled by Cargill. Blockchain models build a trusted, transparent food chain that integrate key stakeholders into the supply chain and create a distributed ledger with immutable records. Because all participants inside the blockchain network must agree before a new record is added to a ledger, the technology also reduces the risk of fraud or human error, and cryptography within the network ensures security, authentication and integrity of transactions.


“At Cargill, we are becoming a better partner through digitalization and analytics, identifying opportunities to use technology to deliver real value for customers, partners and consumers,” said Deb Bauler, Cargill chief information officer for North American Protein. “The transparency pilot with Honeysuckle White® brand turkeys is one example of how we are using technology to shape the food system of the future and deliver on consumers’ desire for transparency in food.”


Cargill will use the pilot as an opportunity to learn more about the value of traceability in its turkey supply chain.


Turkeys that are part of the Honeysuckle White® brand transparency pilot will be primarily available in retailers in the Texas market for the pilot year. For more information about Honeysuckle White® brand turkeys click here.

Students of the newly opened Stamford American Early Learning Village and their teachers celebrated the Festival of Lights at their new campus with an unusual, but very creative Rangoli floor design!


Led by Art teacher Ben de Quadros-Wander, it took our Kindergarten students (aged 4- 5 years old) more than 4 hours to create this magnificent Rangoli. Measuring a diameter of almost 4 meters, the Rangoli is made up of individual student art pieces and various learning tools found every day in their classrooms.


“Deepavali celebrations have always been a prominent event at Stamford American as our diverse international community learns and appreciates different cultures along with Singapore. Our younger students moved into the new Early Learning Village this August, and with this move, we will continue to carry on the traditions from our main campus at Woodleigh, while marking our first Festival of Lights with something different and unique. The Rangoli was conceived by our art teachers and all classes worked collaboratively, preparing their share of different artwork to make this large Rangoli”, said Mrs Lavesa Devnani, Early Years School Deputy Principal.


The Deepavali celebrations featured a special concert and performance for students and their families, featuring energetic bhangra, classical and modern dancers. Needless to say everyone made a huge effort and dressed up in their Indian best for the day. It was a spectacular sight of color and inspiration as families from all nationalities came together to share the celebration.


To find out more about the new Early Learning Village and see full press release click here.



ManpowerGroup Solutions new Total Workforce Index™ (TWI) is the only index that examines the total workforce using a proprietary formula to determine the rankings of Total, Contingent and Permanent workforce insights.


In a global analysis of 75 markets, the TWI identifies those countries where workforce skills, productivity and labor regulation make it most favorable to conduct business. The TWI compiles more than 90 key factors which relate to the Availability, Cost Efficiency, Regulation and Productivity of the workforce of each market.


The Total Workforce top five rankings for APAC region are New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Philippines.



See full press release here.

See full report here.

Neuromarketing is a term that has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years. But somehow, the exact definition of neuromarketing seems unclear. For me, the best way to define neuromarketing is that it scientifically studies the brain to benefit marketing. For example, medical technologies like brain scanning and brain activity measurements are used to gauge a person’s response to different marketing elements like packaging, videos, ads, billboards, etc.


Sounds like utter science fiction right? But here is some food for thought – large companies like Ford motors and Coca-Cola have been investing heavily on neuromarketing since the 1990s. Today, a lot of other companies have already followed suit.  There are goods reason why you should start thinking about using the consumer brain when it comes to your marketing. Let’s discuss the most notable ones.


To read full article written by Daniel Heerkens from 2Stallions and featured in Marketing Institute of Singapore’s online magazine click here.



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