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A Global Investigation into Employee Engagement Trends 2016


An organization’s people create its success. And whilst very few would say they wake up in the morning and decide, “I want to do a terrible job today”, most unfortunately don’t wake up thinking “fantastic, I can’t wait to get to work!”


It’s challenging to create a truly engaging workplace and one of the reasons for this is that what creates and prevents employee engagement changes over time and varies depending on who your employees are. Engagement is influenced by cultural, economic, societal, and organizational factors. In today’s world, aggressive global and technological change and shifting demographics make matters more challenging. But it is possible to define the key principles for any organization to follow if they want to be engaging. And the statistics show a strong and ever strengthening argument for engagement. Organizations who ignore the engagement of their people will, at best, fail to reach their potential and, at worst, fail to survive.


With a view to discovering what constitutes a winning workplace, ORC International undertook their 7th annual Global Perspectives Survey. They surveyed over 8,000 employees from across the globe to understand how they feel about their employee experience and what really engages them.


Their research highlighted 10 key themes that we need to be aware of to create a winning workplace. These are themes that drive engagement and differentiate the companies whose employees are able to perform at their best, and get results personally and collectively.


Whatever your model of engagement, wherever you are in the world, fine tuning your focus on the ten themes will help shift organizations in the direction of the winning workplace we are all after.


Read the full report on how the 10 ingredients will help inspire success within your organization or join ORC International for a complimentary webinar on September 8 where they will take a deep dive in these practices, with tips on how to incorporate them in your workplace.



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