Education has the power to change lives

Education has the Power to Change Lives.

Education has the power to change lives. It is fundamental to personal development and societal growth. Yet many children and young adults in poor communities lack resources to seek a proper education. The charity AkarakA helps underprivileged children and young adults get a formal education, through the financial support of individuals and corporations. They also help match students with mentors from the corporate world:


“100 of our scholars have already graduated and have moved on to paid employment or further education. In just four years we have provided 726 years of education.”


We at Consilium Law Corporation like AkarakA believe an education can pull entire generations out of poverty, and that when we provide a scholarship to one student the trickle down effect is life-changing for their family and direct community.


How it works?


AkarakA aim to assist under-privileged children and young adults who wish to pursue their studies at the tertiary level. These are often students aged 18 and above who have completed primary and secondary school. These individuals usually do not continue to the tertiary phase of their education as they lack the financial means, or need to start work to support their families.


How can you help?


Make a donation. Every donation big of small makes a difference.


Organise a fundraising initiative


Become a mentor.


Pass it on: run a training/skills seminar for our scholars


Spread the word: post a link to AkarakA on your Facebook page or include it in your email-signature.


AkarakA believes that pure academics are just not enough. These young students who often hail from tiny villages, require guidance on the requirements of a working world. Their academics and technical studies equip them with an education and a chance for employability. However, of equal importance, is the need for a guide, an advisor, a mentor who can take them through the maze of personality development, social communication and media, work ethics and many other elements that are crucial to the workplace.


Each scholarship AkarakA covers is an average investment of $1000/per year or $89/month per student. For donors who provide funding of more than $1000/per year they can create a named scholarship in your honor.


In return for your generous donation you will receive:

  • Regular performance reports of your sponsored student including updates on academic progress, extracurricular activities, special achievements and the social impact of your scholarship.


  • Your own named scholarship  –  for example the “ John Doe Scholarship”. Many people are interested in naming a Scholarship, either in memory of a special person, as a project for a professional or social group, or just as something they can do to provide assistance to a bright and deserving student.


  • A high quality professionally designed scholarship certificate bearing your scholarship name printed on archival quality cotton rag paper, perfect to frame and display.


  • Invitation to AkarakA events and networking opportunities.


Add a distinctly Asian footprint to your Corporate Social Responsibility plan.


AkarakA can act as your outsource partner in the allocation and management of academic scholarships.


Encourage employees to volunteer and act as mentors to our sponsored students to amplify the impact your company can make. Mentors actively use their existing skill set and build upon their natural leadership capabilities. By stepping outside the office environment and connecting with the greater community they network and develop stronger team relationships.


AkarakA are proud to work with the following Corporate Partners. If you would like to arrange a meeting with a member of the AkarakA team to discuss sponsorship or mentoring please contact them via:


We at Consilium Law Corporation would like to invite you to our fundraising event in support of AkarakA this coming Wednesday 30th May at Kult Kafe, Mount Emily Hill. An evening of live music alongside an art auction will provide a great evening’s entertainment for a good cause and we invite you to register your admission donation here.


The on line art auction is being regularly updated and will continue post event for those who are unable to make it on the night.



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