Announcing the AICD International Scholarships Program 2018

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) regularly visits Singapore to hold their flagship International Company Directors Course. The course is based on global governance principles and covers directors’ duties, the international legal environment, risk and strategy, financial literacy and board effectiveness. The course underpins the AICD’s goal of making a difference in the quality of governance and leadership around the globe.


The AICD is pleased to announce the launch of their International Scholarship Program, offering one full scholarship place to each of the International Company Directors Courses in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai, and one full scholarship place to the Fiji Directors Course.


The scholarships are designed for directors, aspiring directors and community leaders who without financial support, would not be able to attend such governance training.


Who is eligible for these scholarships?


People of all nationalities are welcome to apply. To be eligible for the scholarship, each applicant must:


  1. Be a director, aspiring director or community leader of an organisation with an annual turnover of less than AUD$1 million;
  2. Describe why without the scholarship they would not be able to attend such training;
  3. Describe the benefits they would receive as an individual in undertaking such training;
  4. Describe the benefits that their organisation or broader community would receive by undertaking such training; and
  5. Provide supporting documentation such as an endorsement letter from their organisation or professional reference


How do individuals apply for scholarships?


Applicants must complete the application form found on the AICD’s website here and submit to along with any relevant supporting documentation by Friday 6 April 2018.


Who decides who gets awarded a scholarship?


Applications will be reviewed and determined by the AICD Education & International division. Applications for the Fiji Directors Course will also be reviewed and shortlisted by our Regional Advisory Committee in Fiji.


How will people be notified they have been successful?


Successful applicants will be notified by email within two weeks of the application close date.


If a member is a highly paid executive working on a small NFP board are they still eligible for a scholarship?


Eligibility will first and foremost be determined based upon the selection criteria. Anyone who meets the criteria are welcome to apply, however they may be ruled out, at the selection committee’s discretion, during the competitive selection process.


For further information, please email or phone +61 2 8248 6600.




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