About Government Affairs


AmCham represents our members at the highest levels of government in Singapore and Washington. AmCham played a significant role in the development of the U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement and meets regularly with senior members of the Singapore Government to represent the interests of our members. Our advocacy achieves results for our members.



Meetings with U.S. Government Officials and Global Leaders

AmCham members have the opportunity to interact with visiting Congressional leaders. Committees meet regularly with U.S. Embassy and other U.S. Government Representatives.


Washington Delegations

Senior business executives represent AmCham members’ interests in meetings with Congressmen and staff advisers in Washington, DC.


Singapore Representation

AmCham members meet with senior members of the Singapore Government to discuss issues of relevance to American business in Singapore.


Business Missions

AmCham regularly organizes business missions to countries in the region. These business missions offer our members a first-hand understanding of where opportunities lie. Meetings with high-level government officials and business leaders give valuable insight into business opportunities and government economic and investment policies.


Policy Report to the U.S. Administration

Every year, AmCham Singapore and the other AmChams across the Asia-Pacific write a report based on feedback from American business leaders across the region on how to advance the competitiveness of U.S. products and services in the fastest growing region of the world.