AmCham Workshop Series: Helping Others Succeed - A Manager's Guide to Coaching

Cathy Johnson, Coach & Senior Facilitator, GP Strategies

Venue : AmCham Office, 1 Scotts Rd, Shaw Centre #23-03 S(228208) - Stamford American Auditorium

Date : June 28, 2018

Time : 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Price : $500.00

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AmCham is pleased to announce our upcoming workshop in our workshop series.

AmCham Workshop Series:
Helping Others Succeed - A Manager's Guide to Coaching

In 2018 most leaders know they are expected to coach their employees to higher levels of contribution. But how? Each employee is unique and needs different things from their manager, and yet, we know that there are some best practices that the most effective coaches do intuitively. This workshop takes the guesswork out of determining individual coaching preferences, and provides a systematic approach to truly understanding the uniqueness of each employee. It “demystifies” the coaching process and provides a framework for guiding employees through a productive coaching conversation.

Learning Methodology

Helping Others Succeed incorporates a combination of workplace training best-practices. Highly experiential in nature, the program supports participants’ need for reflection, group discussions, real examples, case studies, and several opportunities for practice.  Helping Others Succeed has a modular design and we will be exploring two of those modules in this session: Building Coaching Partnerships & Career Coaching. It also includes an online 180 feedback assessment tool & coaching resources portal that can be used by participants after the workshop.

Early bird registration discount of 15% (SGD $425 per person) until Friday, June 8
Group booking discount of 20% ($400 per person) for groups of 3 or more participants.

Price includes breakfast, lunch and tea break.

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What you will learn:

Without engaged people moving the organization forward, even your best business strategies will fail. This course is designed with the manager in mind, but the benefits far outweigh just that population.

Module 1 Coaching Partnerships:

  • Ability to personalize coaching techniques for each employee
  • A keen understanding of what drives personal and professional satisfaction for each employee
  • Sustained engagement of leaders and their direct reports
  • More independent employees and decentralized decision making
  • Improved leader/employee relationships
  • Alignment of what matters most to the organization, the employee and the leader
Module 2 Career Coaching:
  • Understand the value of career coaching the individuals on your team
  • Gain a new perspective on career development and your role in it
  • Redefine career growth conversations for your employees even when promotions may not be available
  • Apply strategies for supporting the career development of employees who hold a wide variety of aspirations, capabilities and attitudes
About the Facilitator:

Cathy Johnson.jpg

Cathy Johnson
Coach & Senior Facilitator

Cathy Johnson’s experience and enthusiasm for developing individual and group effectiveness inspires an impactful facilitation and coaching style that fosters understanding and produces business results. She also has 25 years of international corporate experience, which allows her a deep understanding of challenges faced by the leaders whose work is crucial to organizational success.

As an experienced leadership development facilitator, Cathy is passionate about supporting meaningful conversations to address organizational goals while simultaneously managing group process to foster full participation and individual growth. She impacts a range of businesses on a variety of topics including leadership development, performance management, handling difficult conversations, stepping up to management, high performing teams, effective conversations, Emotional Intelligence, innovation and creativity, coaching, presentation skills, dealing with conflict, assertiveness, influencing without authority and employee engagement.

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