APCAC and the Washington Doorknock



A key part of AmCham’s advocacy is its active participation in the Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC), which consists of 29 member AmChams. Together, APCAC AmChams represent the growing interests of over 15,000 businesses, over 50,000 overseas American workers and more than 10 million employees. American enterprises provided over $620 billion in trade and investment in the APCAC region in 2016.


APCAC allows AmCham members throughout the region to band together in order to influence regulatory framework affecting American businesses in the Asia Pacific region. For questions or to share issues your company would like APCAC to speak out on, please contact mhughes@amcham.org.sg.



Annual APCAC Conference


Every year leaders of APCAC AmChams gather for networking and thought-provoking discussions as they review key issues in the Asia Pacific region, and meet leaders from the U.S. Government, regional institutions such as the APEC Secretariat, the Asian Development Bank, the ASEAN Secretariat, and top political leaders of the host country. The 2018 APCAC Business Summit was hosted by AmCham Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on April 3-4.



APCAC Washington Doorknock


Every summer APCAC sends a delegation comprised of business leaders and AmCham staff members to Washington D.C. to meet with officials from the federal government in order to discuss policy issues affecting American businesses in Asia. The annual APCAC Washington Doorknock gives American Chamber representatives from across Asia-Pacific a chance to reinforce their connections in Washington and share regional knowledge. As the Trump administration continues to focus on bilateral trade approaches for supporting and promoting U.S. business in Asia, the insight that on-the-ground business leaders can share about the benefits of multilateral trade deals is more valuable now than ever.


APCAC’s Doorknock will take place in Washington, D.C. from July 15-19, 2018. Information about the Doorknock and online registration is available by clicking here.


To read more about the 2017 Washington Doorknock click here.



APCAC related reading


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