Strategic Data Quality is Everybody’s Business

By Anthony J. Algmin, Managing Consultant, RGP


Every business is dealing with an exponential increase in data. Yet, we’ve had a difficult time capitalizing on this data tsunami. Businesses now realize that high-quality data is an important driver for organizational responsiveness and overall success.
Strategic data quality is deliberately choosing data quality targets and corresponding investments to maximize business value created from accessible information. By adopting strategic data quality, organizations can truly take ownership of data’s relationship to their business.
When it comes to your organization’s data, start small, deliver value quickly and build momentum. From our experiences working with clients on data initiatives, we’ve seen successful results from these action steps:


  1.  Enlist the people who get it.
  2.  Give them a simple mandate to improve the business impact of data, nominal resources and see what they can accomplish.
  3.  Stop business and IT infighting. Data is owned by the business and curated by IT. If there is dysfunction in the relationship, data will reflect that.
  4.  Integrate change management from day one. Strategic data quality’s success is more of a function of collaboration and communication than powerful technology.
  5.  If possible, avoid buying a tool as a shortcut to excellence. Tools often make the good better, but they also can make the bad worse.
  6.  Develop the best processes and business alignments you can. Gain agreement on your current and future states and begin leveraging some technology amplifiers to build sustainable  momentum.
  7. As your journey continues, earn the tools you buy.

We are at a critical juncture — for organizations choosing not to adopt strategic data quality, who knows what’s next?
One thing is certain: every business will need to possess strong data capabilities. Will your business be among them?


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Anthony J. Algmin is RGP’s Managing Consultant and a data strategy and management subject-matter expert with experiences across many industries. If you want to learn more about establishing a strategic data quality program, please contact RGP for a complimentary assessment at +852 2878-7711.



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