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MSD opens $8 million integrated state-of-the-art Global IT Innovation Hub in Fusionopolis

  •  MSD Global Innovation Hub is the first by a healthcare company to dedicate a facility to harness digital innovation for better healthcare outcomes.
  • MSD Global Innovation Hub will develop the talent pool in Singapore





On 27 October 2015, MSD officially opened its Global Innovation Hub, an S$8 million integrated state-of-the-art hub in Galaxis Building, Fusionopolis. It is the first integrated innovation hub by a healthcare company in Singapore, and is MSD’s eighth site here. The new MSD Global Innovation Hub will focus on data science and cyber security to harness digital innovation for better healthcare outcomes.


MSD has two other global innovation hubs that opened this year, one for the Americas in Branchburg, N.J., USA, and the other for Europe and the Middle East in Prague, Czech Republic. The Singapore-based Asia Pacific hub is part of a three-hub, global network that people can use to share ideas and best practices around the world in real time.


The Hub will enable the company to use analytics and mathematical modelling to guide its research focus and choices, for instance determining the appropriate time to stop collecting and start analyzing data in a clinical trial; predicting how vaccinations can reduce outbreaks; and forecasting which diseases may develop into significant problems 20 years from now.


In the area of cyber and digital security, the Hub will have a Risk and Compliance Centre of excellence with a dedicated team that can facilitate “follow-the-sun” services 24/7 around the world to protect its businesses against both cyber and physical intrusions. Through a special forensic lab within the Hub, MSD can leverage advanced technology to enhance investigative and defensive capabilities for intellectual property protection. Greater collaboration among IT and other functional units will also improve regulatory and operational readiness.


MSD is also partnering with EDB and local universities to develop the field of data science in Singapore. Through the MSD Global Innovation Hub, the company aims to train up to 20 professionals in this field over the next two years and co-develop a curriculum on data science in a local university. MSD also plans to collaborate with other government bodies and start-ups based in Singapore to lead hospitals here to leverage data science to develop innovative healthcare solutions.


Singapore was selected as the location for the MSD Global Innovation Hub  because of the country’s excellent business infrastructure, world-class research institutions, leading centers of learning, technological readiness, and the government’s vision of transforming Singapore into a “Smart Nation.”


MSD Global Innovation Hub will develop talent pool in Singapore


MSD has initiated an “Emerging Talent Rotation” program where fresh graduates are selected from local universities for management training programs at the MSD Global Innovation Hub. Ten graduates with diverse degrees from the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and Singapore University of Technology and Design have commenced work at MSD Global Innovation Hub.


The company will also offer up to 20 internships over the next four years to students from these universities. They will have the opportunity to work on 20 innovative healthcare projects over that timeframe. It is expected that the Hub will employ about 160 persons within the next two years.


This April 2016, MSD hosted the inaugural “Singapore Grand Challenge”, a competition for local students from five universities to showcase their ideas on information technology and how it can influence and transform global healthcare, creating value for the world. Taking home the Grand Prize, were second-year students from the National University of Singapore, who made a remarkable proposal offering real world solutions for devising a self-administered insulin dispenser, collection of diabetic patient data through IoT devices, and collaboration with a start-up on platform marketing. For this, they walked home with the grand prize of S$20,000. The second prize of S$10,000 and third prize of S$5,000 went to the SUTD and SMU teams.

MSD Singapore Grand Challenge Winning Team (1)




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