Innovation spotlight: Reap Business and Process Efficiency with Digital Transaction Management (DTM)

Given the nature of Kelly business, there are many contracts, critical documents and agreements that need to be signed by both candidates and clients as part of our business processes. Traditional method of tracking the hardcopy of such documents for required signatories is not only time consuming but awfully manual.

Kelly explored to adopt digital signatories through the implementation of DTM, which is a cloud based software to digitally manage a wide range of documentation that involves people, documents, data and transactions both inside and outside of an organization.


DouSign has been implemented in Kelly this year for all candidates working at key clients.  Benefits include;

  1. Real-time transactions that eliminates time to courier the hardcopy documents between various parties
  2. Cost savings from eliminating the use of large amount of paper
  • Business acceleration with secured and speedy electronic workflow
  1. 24*7 access to critical documents not constrained by office operating hours

With the resounding success achieved with DocuSign, Kelly will definitely be introducing it to other offices beyond Singapore.


Onboarding Candidates Anytime Anywhere

Kelly being one of the largest temporary and contract staffing company in Singapore, regularly meet and brief appointed candidates on the necessary company policies, guidelines and processes as part of onboarding requirement. Significant effort and time is needed from the Kelly administration team to arrange such candidates’ briefings.


Kelly started using Doodle video to onboard candidates and provide them with all the necessary information they need to start their new job. The video is available online 24 by 7 and for refresher if needed. The consistency and accuracy of the information shared to all candidates is also assured. With increasing labour mobility, this tool is especially useful for overseas candidates who sometimes only arrive in Singapore a day prior to their assignment date.


This inexpensive and innovative solution has definitely brought much benefits to both candidates and the business alike.



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