Future-proofing Leadership


Leadership theories of the past are not cutting it in today’s fast paced world.


Today we see a culture driven by technology and the freedom and work-any-time mentality that can bring. With a workforce which is more diverse and widely dispersed, leaders have the task of navigating cultural and geographical lines.


In this whitepaper we look back at leadership styles throughout the ages, from traditionalists to baby boomers, generation X to millennials, and look to the future with generation Z.


Through investigating the influences and disruptors changing the face of business and examining how this impacts leadership, we’ve identified what we believe are future leaders’ fundamental characteristics. We show the journey we have been on to develop our point of view on why we need something new.


We also show the impact that leadership has on employee engagement and give advice on how to measure and shape leadership in your business. Ultimately we explain how to future-proof your strategy and achieve your goals today and in the future, through using new approaches to leadership.


To learn more, read the full paper here.



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