From Actions to Opportunity – Action Planning for Success

The greatest challenge to any piece of employee research is translating the data into real improvements for the organization. It is the “so what?” justification of engaging with employees. Whatever sector your business is in, there are a number of issues that come up time and again:


“How do we keep up momentum?”


“How do we best impact business performance?”


and increasingly in these days of HR cutbacks:


“How do we engage line managers and make them accountable?”


To address these questions we have pooled together our expertise and experience of working with a wide range of companies to outline a straightforward approach for really effective action planning. Our four steps to success: Plan, Train, Develop, and Track provide a strategic framework for ensuring that action is the first – not the last – thing to be considered.


4 steps to success


In some organizations, an employee survey is still an isolated activity: something run by HR once a year rather than truly embedded into the business. In order to make the survey something more, it is good to keep in mind what the survey isn’t:


The survey isn’t an isolated event – it is an opportunity to start a conversation on how colleagues feel about working at the organization, and make changes for the better


The survey isn’t just about creating an action plan – it is an opportunity to use the insights to inform business decisions


The survey isn’t the only opportunity to engage – there are a whole range of touchpoints that can be used to enhance engagement.


Understanding what is expected from the survey and your overarching goals from the beginning can help ensure that you see real improvements for the organization. This paper presents key strategies to design surveys that inspire actions which, in turn, lead to organizational success.



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