Five Clever Ways Companies Are Using Neuromarketing To Influence Customers

Neuromarketing is a term that has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years. But somehow, the exact definition of neuromarketing seems unclear. For me, the best way to define neuromarketing is that it scientifically studies the brain to benefit marketing. For example, medical technologies like brain scanning and brain activity measurements are used to gauge a person’s response to different marketing elements like packaging, videos, ads, billboards, etc.


Sounds like utter science fiction right? But here is some food for thought – large companies like Ford motors and Coca-Cola have been investing heavily on neuromarketing since the 1990s. Today, a lot of other companies have already followed suit.  There are goods reason why you should start thinking about using the consumer brain when it comes to your marketing. Let’s discuss the most notable ones.


To read full article written by Daniel Heerkens from 2Stallions and featured in Marketing Institute of Singapore’s online magazine click here.



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