Customer-Centric – Inside and Out


Most organizations invest time and effort measuring the customer experience from an external perspective, yet many neglect the critical internal processes. In ORC International’s recent global HR Reflections survey, 91% of organizations said they see customer centricity as an important focus (above the likes of innovation, talent attraction and well-being) and 86% claimed to be focusing on it currently. But research from their recent Customer-Centric Culture survey showed that organizations have some way to go before they achieve their goal inside and out: less than two thirds of employees believe they work in an organisation where people processes facilitate customer centricity, where management behaviors support it or where they receive customer-centric communications.


This paper looks at what ORC International actually means by customer centricity from an internal perspective. It examines the people processes and ways of working that are preventing organisations from achieving their customer-centric goals and identifies practical tips for building a customer-centric culture from the inside, out.


To learn more, read the full paper here.



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