Internship Program

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AmCham interns touring the offices of Google, Microsoft, and United Parcel Service.


AmCham Singapore’s internship program is offered throughout the year to undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent graduates from local and international universities interested in gaining experience working in the field of international business and government affairs.


Exposure & Opportunities


AmCham offers a variety of opportunities for interns to meaningfully contribute to our events, membership, marketing, human resources, and government relations departments. Interns will have the opportunity to engage with a dynamic team representing multiple cultures and professional backgrounds. Interns at AmCham are given responsibility and support key strategic projects. Furthermore, during their time at AmCham, interns will gain an understanding of how a non-profit organization operates.


Interns are also able to develop their professional skills, receive mentorship, and attend events to build their understanding of the opportunities and challenges of doing business in the region.


  • Some of the skills in which an intern could strengthen during his/her internship would be related to conducting research, communicating, graphic design, critical thinking, strategy, and more.


  • The AmCham team takes an active role in mentoring young professionals. They will work with each intern to ensure that the internship meets his/her objectives, provide feedback, offer career advice, recommend opportunities, and write a recommendation upon completion of the role.


  • AmCham serves as a platform for young professionals to interact with senior executives from multinational and local companies in social and formal business settings. Interns will have the opportunity to attend AmCham events and committee meetings to gain insights from the experts.


  • During the summer months, interns will have the opportunity to participate in corporate tours. These tours provide interns with behind the scenes access to the operations and facilities of AmCham member companies!




My experience working as a Government and Public Affairs Intern at AmCham was one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had both professionally and personally. Entrusted with important tasks such as drafting the ASEAN Business Outlook Survey, I was able to develop  and build confidence in my writing skills while gaining insights about the economic and political landscape of ASEAN. This professional experience was further enhanced by the vibrant office community of staff and interns. Every day was busy yet enjoyable, and I met many friends and colleagues that I continue to keep in touch with. For anyone who has an interest in the ASEAN region that’s looking for professional development and a meaningful experience, I definitely recommend interning at AmCham. 


– Scott Kim, New York University – Summer 2017, Government and Public Affairs Intern



I truly had a wonderful experience as a Business Development intern at AmCham. The work I undertook as an intern was very rewarding as I had the chance to work on multiple projects and dive deep into working on and learning more about specific areas. My supervisor, Kelli was really great about checking in and making sure that not only was my work meeting AmCham’s high standards, but that I was also enjoying the internship and developing my personal and professional skills. It was also clear that my ideas and suggestions were being taken seriously by the team throughout my time there. At the end of my internship, I had the opportunity to present my work, which was a great chance to work on my public speaking in a work setting.  Working at AmCham gives you access to a range of events and I had the opportunity to hear more about the region and business from people who are at the forefront in their fields. On a more personal note, the whole team is made up of wonderful people and the atmosphere at the office is one of friendly collaboration which made it even better by my co-interns at the time. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and hope that I will have the chance to visit AmCham again in the future.


Ojaswee Rajbhandary, Columbia University – Summer 2017, Business Development Intern



It has been a privilege to work alongside colleagues with the collective pride of providing the vital link between local government agencies and the American business community. The weeks I spent as a summer intern with AmCham have certainly been fulfilling as a programming intern. This was due to the fact that we were privy to Signature events that cover current issues and set the tone as a forerunner on future trends. Of course, I have been lucky to be under the tutelage of warm mentors and company of kind colleagues. It was fun being able to experience American culture first hand at home and I would recommend this internship to those looking to broaden perspectives on the international community with a business take.


– Samantha Loh, National University of Singapore – Summer, 2017, Programming Intern



My internship at AmCham was a truly fantastic and fascinating experience. I was excited to be placed within the Government and Public Affairs team under the excellent supervision of Hazlyn and Morgan. The opportunity to work on multiple high-level publications provided me with great insight into AmCham Singapore’s work and the work of Chambers throughout the region. I was also able to greatly develop my research, writing and analytical skills as I worked through meaningful and challenging projects. I also had the truly rewarding experience of being able to help with AmCham’s Walk for Rice event, the largest volunteering event in Singapore. My time at AmCham was a highlight of my time in Singapore and I feel very lucky to have been able to join the AmCham team.


– Sarah O’Dowd, Australian National University – Fall 2017, Government and Public Affairs Intern



My time at AmCham as a Business Development intern was a really rewarding experience. My supervisor (Ashley) entrusted me with meaningful projects, and I was given the freedom to take the lead and approach them in my own manner. I had several opportunities to apply the skills I acquired in college, such as research and writing, as well as learn new, highly valuable skills such as business process mapping and data analysis. The high standards that AmCham demands of its interns ensured that I constantly produced my best work. I was encouraged to speak out and voice my opinion and the staff at AmCham ensured that interns’ suggestions were taken into consideration. I also greatly benefited from the high quality events that were populated with subject-matter experts from relevant industries. The well-stocked pantry and great group of co-interns helped make my experience at AmCham all the more amazing. I would definitely recommend the internship to anyone who is looking for both personal and professional development.


Ashwini Srinivas, Johns Hopkins University, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies



My internship at AmCham was undoubtedly my best internship experience to date. I was given the opportunity to work with the Government and Public Affairs team on various publications; along the way, I was able to develop my research and writing skills significantly as my supervisors allowed me the latitude to work on challenging, substantial projects and provided guidance when I was unsure of how to proceed. Interns were also able to attend AmCham events, many of which were excellent talks by notable speakers. Thanks to my internship at AmCham, I am now more certain of my future career direction, and am incredibly grateful to have had this experience.


– Crystal Ong, Smith College



I am so privileged and thankful to be given the opportunity to work in an NGO like AmCham! It has always been a wish of mine, and interning at AmCham under professional supervisors and working with a team have allowed me to test my strengths, weaknesses and most importantly, room for improvement. The variety of tasks given to me and the guidance i have received made my internship as a GPA Intern an ever fulfilling one!


– Aw Shao Giee, James Cook University



The internship at AmCham provided me with a greater understanding of the Southeast Asian business environment. I learned of the vast potential this region of the world offers through various events AmCham offers their interns. Further, I gained practical insight and professional experience collaborating with AmCham’s staff that will assist me with my future endeavors.


– Joshua Klein, Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs



Working with the AmCham Government and Public Relations team was a great opportunity to learn more about the business environment in Singapore, as well as economic development in ASEAN. The understanding of company priorities when investing in emerging markets is a valuable skill I will be able to use in my professional career. Additionally, AmCham allowed me to visit member companies and learn about different work cultures, attend interesting guest lectures, and meet new people. It was a great learning experience, which helped me better define my career interests.


– Anna Lewandowska, Princeton University



My internship with the AmCham Membership Department was a fulfilling experience. I developed my research skills and practised generating reports using Excel formulas. As an intern, I was given the opportunity to attend AmCham events including insightful talks across different industries to gain exposure to the business landscape in Singapore. I also visited various member companies to learn more about their corporate cultures. I benefited from my internship with AmCham as I was given a lot of learning opportunities and managed to meet some new people along the way.


– Qiu Rui, Singapore Management University



Working with the Government and Public Affairs team at AmCham was a life-changing experience. I was exposed to a sheer variety of industries and organizations at both the local and international level. Every day brought a new and interesting challenge; I tracked and analyzed the latest developments in the U.S. and Asia to churn out timely policy takes and press releases. I also had the opportunity to attend thought-provoking events and committee meetings that were chaired by prominent figures. Most importantly, I worked in an inclusive and supportive environment that enabled me to flourish under expert guidance. Overall, my internship proved to be highly valuable and meaningful – I am indebted to my colleagues at AmCham.


– Nur Atiqah Binte Suhaimi, Nanyang Technological University



An internship with AmCham was a great opportunity to gain broader perspectives; Working in the Government and Public Affairs team gave me so much exposure in U.S. – Singapore relations as well as in the ASEAN and APAC. Tasks assigned during the internship period are wonderfully diverse, ranging from data-intensive excel projects to writing blog articles and producing infographics. My experience in AmCham was dynamic, and undoubtedly invaluable for my future career.


– Tan Boon Teck, Nanyang Technological University



Current Internship Opportunities:


We have filled all of our intern positions for the summer of 2018. For future internship opportunities, please contact our HR Administrator Celina Chong at