Jokowi’s Third Year: Politics & Indonesia’s Investment Climate

Doug Ramage, Managing Director, BowerGroupAsia and Governor of AmCham Indonesia

Venue : Stamford American Auditorium (AmCham Office, 1 Scotts Rd, #23-03 Shaw Centre)

Date : January 11, 2017

Time : 11:45 AM - 1:30 PM

Price : $15.00

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Hosted by the Government & Regional Affairs Committee

Indonesia’s investment climate has modestly improved in the two years of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s government. Jokowi’s priority focus on infrastructure development, reduction in logistics costs, and deregulation has begun to deliver. However, the persistence of widespread skepticism towards foreign investment and the lack of dramatic reform of the bureaucracy remain major obstacles to accelerated growth. Moreover, Jokowi impressed critics with his increasingly self-confident masterly of parliamentary politics and coalition building in his second year.  However, Jokowi’s third year opens with a near-crisis in the streets, rooted in manipulation of race and religion to delegitimize and weaken the Chinese Christian candidate in the Jakarta Governor election (and close Jokowi ally).How and in what ways Jokowi will deal with this new political instability and yet maintain his preferred focus on improving the investment climate are the themes to watch in 2017.

About the Speaker

Doug Ramage
Managing Director
BowerGroupAsia and Governor of AmCham Indonesia

Douglas Ramage has 30 years’ experience in Indonesia. A leading expert on Indonesian politics, economics and business affairs, Doug provides advice and guidance to Fortune 500 companies in Indonesia. Fluent in Indonesian, Doug is an analyst, author, and media commentator on Indonesian affairs and is the Managing Director of BowerGroupAsia Indonesia (PT BGAI), a business and investment advisory firm. Doug is also Vice President & Governor of AmCham Indonesia. Doug serves on the Boards of the United States—Indonesia Fulbright Commission (AMINEF), the United States-Indonesia Society (USINDO), and the @America Advisory Board (the United States Embassy Cultural Center in Indonesia). Doug studied at the University of Maryland, the Australian National University, the Institute for Teacher Training in Malang, Indonesia, and received his Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina.

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