Asia Leader Series with Ralph Haupter, President, Microsoft Asia

Ralph Haupter, President, Microsoft Asia

Venue : Conrad Centennial Singapore, The Ballroom (Level 2), Two Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038982

Date : February 16, 2017

Time : 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Price : $50.00

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Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution: How Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything

A recent Accenture survey revealed that only 21% of global business leaders would call themselves a digital business today and that less than half of them have implemented a digital strategy at the enterprise level.

Technology today is more ubiquitous, more pervasive than ever before – and increasingly indistinguishable from the underlying core business processes it supports.

According the World Economic Forum, we are now on the cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

- The 1st Industrial Revolution began in 1784, introduced steam power to mechanize processes and moved the world from hand-made goods to machine-based production.

- The 2nd Industrial Revolution arrived in 1870, utilized electricity, rapidly expanding global industrial output by enabling assembly-line mass production.

- The 3rd Industrial Revolution started in 1969 with the advent of electronics and Information Technology and has automated businesses processes across practically every industry.

Now, we are at the tipping point of the 4th Industrial Revolution, one that is characterized by the fusion of the physical, digital and biological worlds; one that is already dramatically disrupting traditional industries, business models, systems and governance.

At the heart of this change is Artificial intelligence, where software algorithms are capable of performing tasks that would normally require human intelligence.

In this session, Ralph Haupter, President of Microsoft Asia, will share new customer research into the current pace of Digital Transformation amongst Asian businesses, offer examples of organizations in the region that are already benefiting from this trend and discuss how Artificial Intelligence will change business, government and society.

About the Speaker:

Ralph leads Microsoft’s business in a dynamic region that includes 17 subsidiaries, over 17,000 employees, and over 100,000 Microsoft partners.

He joined the Asia region and moved to Singapore in July 2016, after four successful years as corporate vice-president, chairman, and chief executive officer of Microsoft Greater China Region, based in Beijing. A Microsoft veteran of 11 years, before his role in China, Ralph served as vice-president of Microsoft Germany.

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