Tour of FEDEX ST Aerospace Facility - Hosted by the Aerospace & Defense Committee

Venue : FedEx, 600 West Camp Road, Seletar Airport, Singapore 797654

Date : October 18, 2016

Time : 8:45 AM - 10:00 AM

Price : $0.00

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Event is FULL

The ST Aerospace facility at Seletar Airport is basically an aircraft heavy maintenance facility for many airline customers. FedEx being one of those customers, sends B-757 passenger aircraft to Singapore from the U.S. (that have been purchased from other airlines) to have them overhauled and converted to freighters which then become part of the FedEx worldwide fleet. The program is nearing completion and the final delivery is scheduled for early November of this year. The tour of the FedEx operation will be conducted by ST Aerospace personnel and should last about one hour.

Meeting point
- The group will meet at the ST Aerospace Security Office at the main entrance to the facility where everyone will be issued an ID before being allowed to enter.

Spaces are limited, maximum 2 members per company. Priority will be given to members in the Aerospace & Defense committee list.

To register, kindly email the following information to Aisyah at

Details of Attendee: 
Full Name (as indicated on ID for security clearance)
2) ID number
3) Job Title
4) Company
5) Email
6) Contact Info

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