The Hard Business Cost of Leadership Failure: What You Can Do About It

John Bailey, Managing Director, Ketchum Singapore

Venue : Stamford American Auditorium (AmCham Office, 1 Scotts Rd, #23-03 Shaw Centre)

Date : July 13, 2016

Time : 11:45 AM - 1:30 PM

Price : $25.00

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Around the world, our leaders are failing us, with profound implications for organizations of all kinds. The Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor (KLCM) – an annual global study exploring the views of consumers in 10 countries, including Singapore, China and Japan, on effective leadership and communication – has consistently revealed the extent of the global leadership failure. Together with a direct, causal impact on consumer behaviour.

In this session, we will be sharing results of our latest 2016 KLCM study.  The study is informed by the views of nearly 35,000 consumers across continents over the past five years, representing over 21 industry sectors, including technology, media, pharmaceuticals, banking and insurance. 

ey highlights include:

1.       A “low trust – high expectations gap” is the “new normal” for leaders, who are paying a specific commercial price for this leadership gap

2.         Effective communication remains fundamental to effective leadership

3.      The future of leadership communication remains more “feminine”, but the world – including women – looks more to men

4.     The “title-less leaders” is on the rise, with a strong shift away from heroic, singular leadership by the CEO towards a model of “leadership by all”

5.       There are still alarming barriers in place to the more inclusive model of leadership people demand – with huge benefits for leaders willing to break through those barriers

6.       Aligning words with deeds – and balancing decisiveness under pressure with humility and humanity – holds the key to positive leadership perceptions

7.       Five practical steps you can take to enhance your organization’s leadership communication and commercial success

About the Speaker:

John Bailey 
Managing Director
Ketchum Singapore

John launched Ketchum Singapore (then known as ICON International Communications) in May 2005 and offers an unrivalled breadth of international experience, having worked in more than 50 countries in a 30-year career as a Public Relations practitioner and journalist. John led ICON’s development into the largest locally-owned PR agency in Singapore before it was acquired by Ketchum in November 2013.

Prior to moving to Singapore, John was based in Geneva, Switzerland, where he created the successful IATA Crisis Communications consultancy service for the International Air Transport Association. At IATA, John played a pivotal role in developing and propagating “best practice” in crisis communications for the global airline industry, working with more than 60 aviation clients including many of the world’s leading airlines and aircraft manufacturers.

John still provides crisis management and crisis communication consultancy services to clients across the region, and globally, including airlines, hotel groups and major multinationals involved in logistics, manufacturing and financial services. He is a regular speaker at conferences around the world, and is a guest lecturer to undergraduate and masters’ degree students at universities and academies in Singapore, Europe and the United States.

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