CEO Presents: How Even “Space-age” Tech is Being Disrupted and Why It Matters for Your Industry

Peter Platzer, CEO, Spire

Venue : Stamford American Auditorium (AmCham Office, 1 Scotts Rd, #23-03 Shaw Centre)

Date : March 24, 2016

Time : 11:45 AM - 1:30 PM

Price : $25.00

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A new space era is underway: Wine-bottle sized satellites are challenging the status-quo of the space industry. Once the exclusive purview of governments and multibillion-dollar communication companies, the nano-satellite revolution promises easy access to space and space-based data to organizations of any size.

Implications and benefits are limitless and span all industries as nano-satellite constellations gather high-frequency, high-accuracy data from every point on earth, and deliver it to the user in near real-time. Immediate applications range from detailed tracking of moving objects (trucks, ships, planes) and long-range machine-to-machine communications to increased accuracy in weather forecasts. In the longer term, the volume, quality, and applications of the data is set to grow exponentially, providing each and every type of organization (companies, NGOs, universities, governments etc.) opportunities to optimize operations, improve existing services and create new ones, generating more value for customers, employees, shareholders, and making the world a better, more certain place.

Join Peter for an overview of the nano-satellite industry and a discussion on the wide-ranging technological and commercial implications it will have in the years to come.

About the Speaker:

Peter Platzer
Chief Executive Officer

Peter Platzer is CEO of Spire. He co-founded the company in 2012 with a vision to provide satellite-powered data from any location on earth. Peter is regarded as one of the pioneers in launching small form factor satellites into space. He has been widely recognized for his visionary leadership and was named a White House Champion of Change in 2013.

Prior to launching Spire, Peter trained as a physicist at CERN and the Max Planck Institute before turning to business with the Boston Consulting Group in Germany, Singapore, and Thailand. Peter spent over eight years on Wall Street at a quantitative investment management firm and Deutsche Bank as an Emerging Markets FX & Equities Quant Research Manager, Trader and Portfolio Manager. After attending Singularity University’s inaugural Executive Program in 2009, Peter decided to leave finance to focus on high frequency and high accuracy data in space. He graduated Cum Laude with an M.Sc. from the International Space University in 2012 and interned at NASA Ames Research Centre’s SpacePortal Group, where he focused on Nano-Satellite research, technology development, commercialization, and outreach.

Peter co-created and launched CareerTeams at Harvard Business School and currently serves as a Career Coach for HBS students. He received a M.Sc. in Physics from the Technical University of Vienna and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker scholar.

This event is supported by the Aerospace Committee.

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