The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040 – Hosted by the Energy Committee

Lynne D. Taschner, Energy Advisor, Corporate Strategic Planning, Exxon Mobil Corporation

Venue : Stamford American Auditorium (AmCham Office, 1 Scotts Rd, #23-03 Shaw Centre)

Date : March 15, 2016

Time : 11:45 AM - 1:30 PM

Price : $15.00

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Energy is vital to virtually every aspect of modern life.  Around the clock, around the globe, people rely on energy to prepare meals, get to work, communicate, and much more.

Practical options to meet people’s needs for reliable, affordable energy continue to expand.
  And technology advances are making cars, homes, and businesses more energy-efficient. Still, the world faces a challenge to meet growing energy needs as global living standards rise, while also managing the environmental effects — including climate change — of energy use.

Understanding the factors that drive the world’s energy needs — and likely choices to meet those needs — is the mission of The Outlook, a view that ExxonMobil uses to guide its own strategies and investments.

Key Topics to be covered:
         Energy demand/supply outlook to 2040
         Expansion of the global middle class and the impact on energy demand
         Shifting industrial demand growth and improvements in industrial energy intensity
         Trends in technology, efficiency, and fuels for personal and commercial transportation
         Electricity demand growth and the evolving mix of power generation fuels
         Trends and new developments in world oil and gas supply and trade
         Outlook for energy-related CO2 emissions

About the Speaker

Lynne D. Taschner
Energy Advisor
Corporate Strategic Planning
Exxon Mobil Corporation

Lynne Taschner is an Energy Advisor in ExxonMobil's Corporate Strategic Planning Department. In this capacity, she is responsible for assessing economic and energy trends, and related market and public policy issues. She is a principal contributor to ExxonMobil's long-term global energy outlook, including the identification of potential implications for energy markets and the corporation's strategic plans.

Lynne has worked for ExxonMobil for 25 years in a variety of economic and commercial advisory roles. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration & Economics from The 
King’s College and an M.B.A. from Lehigh University.

Lynne has lived in the USA, Europe and Asia; she currently resides in Texas.

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