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Supply 2016

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On Thursday afternoon, the Supply Chain committee discussed about the future of container port. The speakers included Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, National University of Singapore Associate Professor Chew Ek Peng  Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, National University of Singapore Associate Professor Lee Loo Hay, and Senior Assistant Director (Tuas Port Development) / Project Director (Next Generation Port), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Eugene Khoo. The speakers presented on their award winning terminal concept, the Sustainable Integrated Next Generation Automated Port (SINGAPort). This concept is able to address Singapore’s land scarcity and the rising labor cost.



On April 5, Singapore Customs Deputy Director-General Lim Teck Leong described for a capacity audience from the Supply Chain Management and Legal Affairs/IPR Committees how his agency balances the twin and sometimes competing responsibilities for regulating and facilitating trade. The answer is customized solutions founded on risk management principles. The goal is to manage security, revenues, and economic interests in a business-friendly manner. Deputy DG Lim also discussed how Singapore’s many free trade agreements and eventually the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) promote trade facilitation and cooperation in important ways. On the TPP specifically, he noted potential benefits to Singapore-based businesses through the inclusion of new partners with which Singapore does not have an FTA and favorable product-specific rules of origin.

January 2016:


2016 Programming Discussion and Networking Session

November 2015:


Supply Chain At Risk:


Are You Exposed?


Jon Wesoky, RGP

October 2015:


Preparing Supply Chains for Robust Growth, Roxane Desmicht, Infineon

July 2015:


Shared Economy in the Logistics Industry, Noam Berda, RocketUncle (joint session with the SME/Entrepreneur Committee)

June 2015:


How a Start-Up Solved the Last-Mile Cool Chain Problem, Pete Clifford, RedMart (joint session with the SME Committee)

May 2015:


Benchmarking Customs and Trade Compliance in the Asia-Pacific:


Impact on International Supply Chains, Frank Debets, PricewaterhouseCoopers

April 2015:


Supply Chain Networking with the French and Belgian Chambers

March 2015:


Singapore and Regional Customs Developments – a CBP Perspective, John Leonard, U.S. Embassy Singapore

January 2015:


2015 Programming Discussion and Networking


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The committee kicked off the year with a programming meeting to discuss on the topics that they would like to focus on for 2016. The meeting was led by all three co-chairs, Dr. Jozo Acksteiner (Hewlett-Packard Enterprise), Peter D’Silva (Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific) and Courtney Lutterman (UPS Asia Pacific). The feedback collected from members via an online survey sent out in December last year was also used to help shape the programming focus going forward.

We will regularly update the blog after interesting meetings and share upcoming events and interesting information related to supply chain, transportation, and logistics. We hope the information benefits you and we welcome your feedback on the new look.


Stay tuned and look out for our next blog post!


Peter D’Silva

Peter D’Silva

Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific

Courtney Lutterman

Courtney Lutterman

UPS Asia Pacific

Sreekumar Ramachandran Pillai

Sreekumar Ramachandran Pillai

Ryder-Ascent Logistics Pte Ltd

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