On Tuesday morning, the Aerospace & Defense Committee discussed about the Federal Aviation Administration’s work in the Southeast Asia region. The session was led by Senior FAA Representative to Southeast Asia, U.S. Department of Transportation, Jim Spillane. Jim provided an overview of the Federal Aviation Administration’s work in promoting safety, efficiency and harmonization in the region. The FAA  is seen as the gold standard for air travel safety. Earlier this year, the Federal Aviation Administration has signed a Maintenance Agreement Guidance (MAG) with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). This partnership is the first of its kind in Asia and will likely set the standard for future agreements. The MAG will reduce costs and free up inspector resources because it allows mutual surveillance to be conducted on certified repair stations which are located abroad for both of the agreement partners.


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On Tuesday morning, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific, IATA Conrad Clifford presented on IATA’s (International Air Transport Association) latest project in Singapore, SPARC (Safety Predictive Analytics Research Centre).


One of IATA’s vision is to be the force for value creation and innovation. IATA employs a four pillar strategy to reduce environmental impact. The four pillars are to build and use efficient infrastructure, invest in new technology using more efficient operations, and to use effective, global, market based measures.


Its project, SPARC, will be based on predictive analytics. Everyday flight data will be used to try to predict the future.

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On Tuesday Morning, the GRA committee discussed about maritime domain awareness, security issues and trends in Southeast Asia. Executive Vice President, ADM (Fmr) Thad Allen led the discussion. Former U.S Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen presented on the employment of international law in maritime disputes and the relevance of non military actors such as the coast guards. The committee also discussed about the relevance of the Treaty of Westphalia (1648), application of the 1982 United Nations Conventions on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and cyber security issues. Maritime tensions are evident globally. Beyond the South China Sea, maritime disputes also occurred in West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea, the Caribbean and off the Horn of Africa.


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On Tuesday morning, members of the Aerospace and Defense committee toured the facility of MITRE Asia Pacific (MAPS).  MAPS is first foreign office not sponsored by a US government.


In 2014, The MITRE Corporation (MITRE) and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) established a seven-year agreement, with the possibility of an additional three-year extension to allow MITRE to develop the latest technology research laboratory, focusing on Air Traffic Management (ATM). Participants tried out MITRE’s real-time simulation tool such as the cockpit simulator.


In essence, MAPS aim to address the unique challenges in the Asia Pacific region by exploring methods for regional harmonization, facilitating consensus building and promoting a collaborative research platform.

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On Thursday morning, the Aerospace and Defense committee discussed about Maritime Trade in the Pacific. Commander, U.S 3RD Fleet Vice Admiral Nora W. Tyson provided insights to the challenges to facing the region. Admiral Nora has been involved in previous editions of the annual Singapore- US Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT). Bilateral and Multilateral exercises allows navies to leverage on the unique experience of each other, foster a deeper sense of understanding and build relationships between navies.




November 2015:


Flight Simulator Tour at CAE

September 2015:


Update on the 2016 Air Show with Danny Soong of Experia Events and, from U.S. Embassy Singapore, USAF Major Danielle Edelin of the Office of Defense Cooperation, and Stephen Jacques and Ng Haw Cheng of the Commercial Service

August 2015:


Bell Helicopter Tour

June 2015:


3D Printing Applications and Their Business Impact on Aerospace and Defense with Ido Eylon, Stratasys

May 2015:


Future Prospects of the U.S. Rebalance to Asia with Kurt Campbell, The Asia Group (joint meeting with the Government and Regional Affairs Committee)

The committee members were joined by senior lawyers Simon Phippard and Gabriel Voisin of Bird & Bird LLP who shared industry updates and regulations on the very timely topic of Civilian Drones (also known as Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems or Unmanned Aircraft Systems.)


Drones 2           Drones 1


In addition to a live demo of a drone, the duo shared:

  • What are RPAS all about, including civil and military applications, size of the market, and current trends?
  • What is different about RPAS and what challenges do they present for the industry?
  • What is the state of technical regulation and access to markets?
  • How do countries like the UK regulate current activity and what are the limitations?
  • What are the societal issues: third party liability and insurance; privacy and data protection?
  • Where might we be in five years’ time?

The Committee met in January to develop the areas of focus for 2015. A number of exciting suggestions came out of the meeting, including:

  • Guided tours of Bell Helicopter, CAE, and ST Aerospace
  • Regional Geo-Political Briefing and its Impact on Defense Procurement
  • MRO Supply Chain
  • President of Flight Safety Briefing
  • Export Control Reform
  • Aircraft Leasing
  • Data Communications
  • NTU/SSTA: Space Industry Update
  • Aviation Disaster Response
  • Interpol Briefing
  • Singapore Airshow Briefing
  • Networking Night with AAIS
  • Aircraft Flight Data Recorders/ Inflight Communication Trends
  • Aircraft Security
  • Performance Based Logistics

We will regularly update the blog after interesting meetings and share upcoming events and interesting information related to aerospace and defense. We hope the information benefits you and we welcome your feedback on the new look.


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