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The American Chamber of Commerce seeks motivated and energetic staff members who thrive in a dynamic environment that calls for initiative, judgment, and enthusiasm.   Our staff members build the connections between and among businesses, business people, and governments.   Working with us offers tremendous opportunities for personal growth through interactions with our large and varied membership and through participation in fostering hospitable business climates.


As an organization, we work as a single team to advance AmCham’s mission to provide advocacy, insights, and connections.  We make every effort to recognize each team member’s strengths and aim to integrate those strengths into our operations. We believe that bringing out the best in everyone leads to the professionalism we strive for.


Our Teams:


Events – This team plans and organizes AmCham’s numerous monthly events and briefings that are of interest to our members. Members of AmCham have the opportunity to participate in a host of unique and informative events and gain access to an extensive, high-level network.


Membership – This team helps potential members learn more about the value that AmCham offers and assists current members in optimizing their membership.


Marketing – This team helps AmCham provide its members with an exclusive, cost-effective, targeted marketing platform to help members promote their brand, services, and products to a global business audience.


Finance – As a non-profit organization, this department ensures that AmCham remains financially strong and sustainable.


Human Resources – AmCham’s employees are a great asset and this department ensures that the staff is well supported.


Government Relations – This team works closely with industry leaders to address key issues affecting AmCham members. The team further serves as a liaison to the Singaporean Government and U.S. Embassy when consulted on issues concerning American trade and business in Singapore, as well as across the ASEAN countries.


Support – The team ensures that everything operates in the most efficient way and helps to create a conducive working environment for the staff.



Career Opportunities:

There are no current opportunities available at this time.