The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040

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ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Planning Energy Advisor Lynne D. Taschner briefed committee members on the outlook for energy demand growth and the energy mix between now and 2040.   In the 2014-2040 period, global economic activity will expand faster than the global population.  ExxonMobil’s projections indicate that energy use will become more efficient, so while energy consumption will continue to rise, it will increase only slightly faster than the number of people on the planet increases and carbon emissions will rise by less.  For Southeast Asia, Lynne predicted that GDP will triple, the population will grow by 25 percent, and energy demand will rise by 75 percent.  Unlike the global average, carbon emissions in Southeast Asia will rise in this period, according to ExxonMobil modeling.


A projected 50 percent increases means that demand for natural gas will grow by more than demand for any other energy source in this period.


Kazunari Fukui

Kazunari Fukui

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