Earlier SME and Entrepreneur Committee Meetings

March 2016: Co-Working Space: The Office of the Future, Michaela Anchan, Woolf Works, Paul Lee, Workcentral, and Jonathan O’Byrne, Collective Works

November 2015:


Make a Difference with Every Customer, Steve Schieffman

October 2015:


From Banks to Next Generation Financing – Fund Your Business, Rob Findlay, DBS, Lim Cho Hua, OCBC, Dusan Stojanovic, True Global Ventures

September 2015:


Leveraging Cloud Technology for Entrepreneurship, John Fernandes, Microsoft, and Melina Lee, Google

July 2015:


Shared Economy in the Logistics Industry, Noam Berda, RocketUncle (joint session with the Supply Chain Committee)

June 2015:


The HUGE Power of Small, Paul Dunn, B1 G1

June 2015:


How a Start-Up Solved the Last-Mile Cool Chain Solution, Peter Clifford, RedMart

May 2015:


AmCham and BritCham SME Networking Evening, Chris Milliken, PengWine, and Jonathan O’Byrne, Collective Works

March 2015:


Technology and Outsourcing to Increase Personal Productivity, Angela Cheong, Evernote, and Fraser Morrison, Cream Counsel


Richard Hartung

Richard Hartung


Christopher Milliken

Christopher Milliken

Amigos Y Vinos (PengWine)

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SME/ Entrepreneur Committee

The SME/Entrepreneur Committee supports and represents the interests of small enterprises within AmCham through informative committee meetings with guest speakers, educational seminars, and providing opportunities for members to take advantage of government programs through its network.
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