Digital Health of the Singapore Healthcare Industry

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On 29 June, the Healthcare Committee discussed about the digital health of the Singapore Healthcare Industry. Award-winning specialist communications firm for the non-profit, pharmaceutical, medical devices and healthcare sector S.P.A.G. Asia presented showcased the Digital Health Report 2017. The report suggested that most healthcare companies need a strong digital infusion.

Healthcare companies can be categorized into three segments: Digital Primes, Digital Aspirants and Digital Onlookers. Digital Primes are companies which are highly active on a variety of platforms. Digital aspirants are companies which build their experience and aspire to eventually join the Digital Primes. Digital Onlookers are companies who are still observing the trend and are mainly limited to their company websites.

Today, every company wants to be present in the digital landscape. However, one of the greatest challenge is to sustain the content generated on a regular basis, ensure that the content is relevant for the audience, achieve a specific business goal and ensure that it is compliant from the regulatory standpoint.



Christopher Hall

Christopher Hall

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Jeff Weisel

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